How To Spend New Year’s Alone And Have Fun

It is the end of the year, and you are going to spend New Year’s alone. Your friends are not available, so how are you going to have fun?

Don’t stress out; there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate New Years’ by yourself.

How To Cope With Spending New Year’s Eve Alone

alone on new years

Firstly, you may be feeling lonely and depressed that you are alone on New Year’s. If you have social anxiety, you may be wondering if you have brought this on yourself.

Like my earlier post, “How To Cope With Being Alone On Christmas,” this is a time to celebrate and rediscover yourself, make peace with your aloneness, and embrace your solitude.

Remember, being alone is not the same as being lonely; each is a different experience and feeling.

Just because society says you need to be busy with people on New Year’s, does not mean you can’t enjoy time to yourself. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, which will make you depressed, take care of yourself with some self-care.

Reframe Your Thought Process

What we think directly affects how we feel. If you think you will have a bad, lonely, and sad New Year’s alone, you will. And vice versa.

Handling your negative thoughts positively will make all the difference in how you choose to spend your New Year’s.

Choosing to positively approach your situation, even if everything sucks right now, will help you have a more enjoyable time alone.  

How can you think positively, you ask? Especially when you are alone. Start by creating a short gratitude list of ten things, including everything you are thankful for, even if you are alone. When you are finished with your gratitude list, create a positive affirmation list to help you with your negative thoughts.

If you continue to have negative thoughts, and can not get past them, consider seeing a therapist in the future who will help you using cognitive-behavioral therapy, which can also help if you have anxiety.

Practice Gratitude

Being alone on New Year’s Eve may cause you to feel lonely, but instead of negatively obsessing on your situation, practice some gratitude.

Practicing gratitude is easy. Take out a pen and paper or even use your tablet or iPad to create your list.

Write down ten things you are grateful for, such as:

  • good health
  • a place to live
  • food on the table

Continue thinking and writing things down for things you are grateful for today.

Positive Affirmations

To help you from dwelling on negative thoughts, write out a positive affirmation list. It could include sayings like:

  • I am excited for the New Year and the opportunities ahead
  • This year is going to be great for me
  • I spend the New Year with peace and love
  • I feel healthy and full of energy
  • This year I will make my dreams come true

Please continue with your list and refer back to it when you begin to feel down. Believe in yourself.

Things To Do On New Year’s Alone

Now that you have completed your gratitude and affirmation lists, it’s time to take a look at some things to do and begin having fun and enjoying your time alone.

Treat Yourself

First, let’s treat ourselves. Find your favorite restaurant and order something off their menu and either pick it up or have them deliver it to you.  

Once you have your food, pick out a movie or your favorite tv show to watch and enjoy the smell and tastes of your favorite meal.

Get Connected

You may be alone, but are we ever alone? Especially in the age we live in today with technology. We have cell phones, computers, tablets, and iPads.

Connect with others who are at home tonight too. Use Facebook messenger, send a few texts on your phone. The other person may be bored at home, so get the conversation started. You never know what you may end up talking about, which will help you feel a lot less lonely.

Go Out On The Town

If some fun things are happening in your town, check them out. The likelihood of you running into someone you know is pretty high, and if not, you might make a new friend.

Some towns have street venues you could attend or check out the movie theatre if they are open. The theatre may be empty, ticket prices reduced, and some of your favorite movies may be playing., a joint venture between AMC, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark, is an excellent way to find your favorite classic movies playing in your area. Whenever “Gone With The Wind” is playing, I make it a point to see it.

Set Goals For The Upcoming New Year

Don’t make resolutions for the new year as these tend to be unrealistic and are often broken by the second or third week of January.

Instead, come up with some goals you would like to complete and achieve in the New Year.

Go out of your comfort zone this year and think big. If you are uncomfortable in social situations, try inviting people over more and making some friends. If people invite you out somewhere, say yes, and enjoy yourself.

Get your finances under control and create a plan to be rid of your debt once and for all. Balance your income and expenses and stick to your budget throughout the year to pay off that credit card hanging over your head.

Think about what you would like to accomplish this coming year and go for it!

Play Your Favorite Video Games

I love playing video games in my spare time, especially with others online.

Whether you have a computer, Xbox or Playstation, or even your smartphone, people are playing games somewhere in the world.

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