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Get 2 Free Audio Books From Audible!

As a reader of  you’ll get 2 free audiobooks from Amazon.  You can get the 2 audiobooks from clicking this link and signing up to the Audible 30-day free trial.  You can choose any 2 books you want from this link.  You can search for books such as: Big Magic, The Power of Habit, The Joy of Less and so much more!




Online Classes By Creative Live

I love these classes and just can’t get enough of them and I especially loved The Power of Happiness by Vanessa Van Edwards and  Mel Robbins class How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence.  Their personal development classes I liked are The Power of Habits, Goal Setting for Your Best Year Yet and  Stop Making Excuses.  Through our special relationship with CreativeLive they’ve decided to give a special discount on some of their classes this week.