Journal Prompts For Depression

Writing is and always will be the best solution for helping me cope with depression. I have an extensive list of journal prompts for depression I use for helping me get my thoughts out on to paper quickly.

When I journal, I can organize my thoughts better and helps balance my life. Writing what I think helps get my words out without judgment from others.  

Whatever I want to get off my chest, such as my opinions on what’s happening in my life, from fearful thoughts, anxieties, to whatever troubles me.

Journal Prompts For Depression

Journal prompts for depression

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Mental Health Benefits From Journaling

If you are suffering from depression, journaling can have many mental health benefits.  

Journaling is cheap. All you need is some paper, a pen and time to write.

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Journaling can help you:

  1. Cope with depression
  2. Reduce your stress
  3. Manage anxiety
  4. Increase your happiness
  5. Develop your self-awareness
  6. Enhance your creativity
  7. Get your emotions out on paper
  8. Help you discover your written “voice”
  9. Boosts your sense of gratitude
  10. Increases emotional intelligence
  11. Problem-solving skills
  12. Emotionally heal trauma
  13. Help you see the positives as well as negatives
  14. Reflect on your thoughts
  15. Enhance reading skills
  16. Provides a sense of calm
  17. Keeps you accountable
  18. Provides you with solutions
  19. An outlet to express yourself
  20. Can help put things in perspective

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How To Journal

Journaling is therapeutic. Be sure to write in your journal every day by setting just a few minutes aside.  

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Go to the store and buy some paper and a pen. Keep it on your nightstand and write before you go to bed, or in a backpack and write during lunch. Whenever you can find time to write, do it daily.

Your journal does not have to follow a specific structure, write whatever feels right to you. Do not worry about spelling mistakes or whatever others may think. Especially since no one will see what you write, unless you have a very trusted loved one you want to share with.

Journal Prompts For Depression

  1. What quotes inspire you on bad days?
  2. What made you happy today?
  3. Write what made you depressed and one to three solutions to counter this feeling
  4. A problematic situation you overcame in your life
  5. Three things that scare you and why do they scare you
  6. Three things that you did RIGHT today
  7. What inspires you?
  8. My greatest qualities are _____
  9. This week I am looking forward to _____
  10. Write a letter to your teenage self. Tell him/her all the things you wish they knew
  11. Write about a person in your life you are grateful for
  12. Where do you want to be in 5 years? How will you accomplish your goals?
  13. How can you better your mental health?
  14. My mental health is a ___ (1-10) 10 being the best. Why is your mental health this number?
  15. Pick an inspirational word for the week. Think of ways you can have this feeling every day
  16. Write down what triggers your depression. What are some ways to not feel depressed?
  17. What makes you feel fulfilled?
  18. When is your favorite time of year? Who do you spend it with? What feeling do you get when you are in this place? What things do you do during this time?
  19. Describe a situation you helped someone. How did they feel? How did it make you feel to help them?
  20. I could meet anyone in the world. Who would it be and why?
  21. Who supports you the most? Write them a letter thanking them for always being there for you
  22. List 3 things you should be grateful for but are not. Why aren’t you grateful? What emotions do they make you feel?
  23. Write a letter to someone who has done something mean to you. How did it make you feel? What did they do? Once complete, forgive them and let the situation go.
  24. Most significant learning moment this week
  25. Write ten things that always make you feel better when depressed
  26. Your most important life lesson so far. How did this lesson affect you? How did you learn this lesson?
  27. If I weren’t scared, I would _____
  28. My most embarrassing moment is… Why is it embarrassing?
  29. My dream career is… Why?
  30. How do you want people to remember you?
  31. My best character traits are
  32. On a scale of 1-10, what is your patience level with others?
  33. Create a list of things you need to let go
  34. What ten things make you smile?
  35. How do you take care of your physical and mental health? List ten things
  36. What could you do if you didn’t have depression?
  37. Write a letter to your inner critic. Tell him/her everything they don’t know about you
  38. Name your ten worst habits and how they affect you
  39. What is one day you would want to live over again and again? Why?
  40. Write about your most meaningful relationship and why it is so special
  41. Name hidden talents no one knows about you
  42. What makes you laugh and smile?
  43. Great pick me up songs that get you moving
  44. How do you feel at the moment?
  45. Describe your perfect relationship
  46. Describe your worst childhood memories
  47. Write down three of your long term goals
  48. What achievement have you made this month?
  49. Ten things that you can start doing to take care of yourself
  50. How do you struggle with your mental health? How can you improve it?
  51. I couldn’t imagine living without
  52. If my body could talk it would say
  53. What is your favorite smell?
  54. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
  55. I feel most energized when
  56. Name ten songs that make you feel alive and happy
  57. Write the words you need to hear

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Depression Journal Prompts Takeaway

I hope this list will inspire and help you to write more in your journal and have many positive outcomes.

Sometimes journaling can overwhelm you with emotions and bring up bad memories and cause you to focus too much on your inner experience.

The positives of journaling far outway the negatives and helps your voice to be heard. Journaling is a way to express yourself, manage your stress levels, cope with your depression, and help with symptoms of mental illness.

Your journal is yours, and only yours. Knowing this means you can write whatever you want, without judgment.

Happy journaling, and please let me know other journal prompts for depression that you use.

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