How Do I Stop Overthinking Anxiety

How Do I Stop Overthinking Anxiety?

Are you overthinking and anxious? How can you stop overthinking anxiety?  Overthinking can be debilitating, it will disturb your sleep, cause problems at work, and ruin social events.  Chronic overthinking comes with all the physical symptoms of anxiety.  Overthinking will leave you mentally exhausted, distressed, and physically drained.  At this point, you are looking to …

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Weighted Therapeutic Blanket

Weighted Therapeutic Blankets

Weighted Therapeutic Blankets Depression, anxiety, and insomnia often occur together at night, as our minds keep worrying, and we keep tossing and turning. A growing number of people are trying this new treatment with success and a night of good night sleep. * For help finding a mental health professional, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit …

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