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Article Guidelines

  • Original Content – Articles published must be original, unique and only written for   Articles are NOT accepted if they’ve been posted else where online or if you plan on distributing them to another site.  Original content is picked up as “new” or “unique” by Google and other search engines which is better for you article and
  • Word Count – We only accept articles that are at least 400 words or more. 
  • Title – Your Title is the most important part of your article.  It must want to make the reader read it.  Our editorial team may change your title to make it more catchy if it doesn’t meet our requirements.
  • Introduction – The first paragraph is usually what will make the reader continue reading.  Make it catchy to engage the reader.
  • Structure – Online articles tend to be easier to read if long paragraphs are broken into smaller ones.  It makes it easier on the eyes for the reader.  People tend to read the entire article when broken into this format.  Use sub headings to maintain interest.  Use bullets, numbering for tips and “How To” articles.
  • Reference and Evidence Links – Articles that mention a statistic or scientific study need to have a link included to back up your claim.  Evidence is a must.  In your article links may be provided to Academic journal, news outlets and other scientific papers.  This helps the reader to further understand the topic.  
  • Self Promotion – Articles self promoting your brand or website will not be accepted.  Press releases, links to products or businesses are not accepted.  If the link is low quality or does not have anything to do with the article it will not be accepted.
  • Mixed Content – If you are rewriting articles or automatically churning them to make them seem unique, they will rejected.
  • Images – You may submit images with your article, if not we will design an image
  • List Article – Articles with list or numbered steps seem to do well (ie.  1,2,3  or bulleted list)
  • Use Headlines (H2)

Subjects To Write About

  • Self Care
  • Self Love
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Negative Thinking
  • Growth
  • Happy Home (Ways to make our homes clean, inviting and happy for anxious or depressed people)
  • Making Money (How can people make money who have a hard time with anxiety, depression)

Author Bio Guidelines

  • A professional bio (required)
  • Main Website URL (optional)
  • Facebook (optional)
  • Twitter (optional)
  • Google+ (optional)
  • LinkedIn (optional)

Final Submission Guidelines

  • Please read your article and check for errors.  If your article contains to many typographical errors it may be rejected.
  • Is your article informative and educational?
  • Please allow us 7-14 days to notify you of a publish date.
  • Once published we will contact you through email letting you know the URL it is posted at.  Rejected articles may/or may not receive contact.
  • Important!  Once accepted and your article is published please share your work across your social networks, your portfolio and your website.  The more you share the more reach and traffic you’ll gain.  We will also share your work across our social media networks.

Acknowledgements and Agreements

Full submission guidelines

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  • You accept our terms and conditions and edits our staff may make to the article.
  • You will not publish this article anywhere else in the future.
  • has “free to use” rights to the article and content in perpetuity.

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