8 Signs Your Anxiety Is Out Of Control

Have you ever wondered if the amount of stress or anxiety you are feeling is healthy? Everyone gets anxious sometimes, and some anxiety is normal. 

Studies have shown that small amounts of anxiety is healthy and is a sign of intelligence. Large or excessive amounts of anxiety can hurt you.

When your brain just won’t shut off at night, not being able to relax and be at peace. If anxiety is extending to every part of your life, not just an anxious situation, you may have an anxiety disorder.

Below are 8 signs your anxiety is spiraling out of control and how to manage it.

Signs Your Anxiety Is Out Of Control

signs your anxiety is out of control

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1. Constantly Worrying About Everything!

When you are supposed to be enjoying yourself and having a happy time, but your brain is still saying, AAHHHH! I’M NERVOUS!!

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You can’t relax and continue to worry about not only big things but worry about the small stuff too. 

Being so exhausted from worry, now the stress is beginning to affect and interfere with your daily life.

You are worrying about unlikely events, bad things that most likely will not happen, even after you’re reassured by someone you trust.

Many times my thoughts are like an obsession or endless thought loop which plays over and over in my head.

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If your anxiety doesn’t stop at some point in the day, your anxiety is out of control.

2. Increased Negativity And Irritability

Having a negative mind can make our lives look dark and bleak. Life can seem hopeless, seeing negativity in every situation.

You think everything is wrong or people are against you, and they’re not. All of this can make your anxiety worse.

Anxiety tends to turn people inward. They begin to look at themselves in a more negative light. Negative minds are just mad at the world, becoming more and more irritable.

3. Difficulty Sleeping At Night

Once in awhile is normal, but not sleeping every night because you are worrying is bad for your health, both physically and psychologically. 

If you go to bed and immediately your brain turns back on. You are worrying about everything. 

The more tired you get, the more you think about things in your life.

Nightmares keep you awake, unable to fall back to sleep, waking up too early because you are worrying.

Not getting enough rest can turn our moods negative; it can become a vicious cycle.

The inability to sleep and rest can be a tell tale sign things are out of control.

4. Difficulty Concentrating

Many different things can contribute to not being able to concentrate, such as ADD/ADHD, depression, or other factors. 

Anxiety can also cause you not to be able to concentrate. When your thoughts are moving from one thing to the next so fast, you can not entirely focus.

As your anxiety gets worse, so will your ability to concentrate.

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5. Experience Uncontrollable Panic

If you are feeling helpless and have a great sense of fear or dread. You have a panic attack.

Some symptoms may include hot flashes, sweating, racing heart, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and nausea.

If you have these attacks regularly, I recommend seeking professional help immediately. 

All this anxiety and cortisol (stress hormone) going through your body all the time is not healthy.

6. Problems With Relationships

You get mad quickly over things that never bothered you before. 

The way your spouse eats their food. How your co-workers speak and talk annoys you. You get annoyed when your children ask you questions or want to do something.

An anxious person can be more pessimistic. They don’t want to do social things they used to love. 

Anxiety can make you less patient and can cause problems within your relationships.

7. A Feeling Of Not Having Time For Yourself

If you are always running here and there, doing this and that, you may not have much time for yourself.

It’s easy to neglect yourself when there are so many things to do, but taking time for yourself is the so important.

Not taking time for yourself can negatively affect your health. Your immune system can become weakened and you’ll get sick more often.

Negative thinking patterns may emerge leading to depression, and long term stress can cause cardiovascular problems and weight gain.

Start scheduling “Me Time” today, you and your health matter.

8. Feeling Out Of Control

People with anxiety have a hard time expressing what’s going on, and they have a sense of drowning or life is spinning out of control.

You feel you have to plan everything to make sure things go as planned and even try to control people in your life.

In reality, you can’t control people or most things that happen in life. 

Some so many people experience anxiety in this world. I’m one of them, and managing anxiety is the key to a happy life. 

Anxiety is healthy, it’s treatable, you have to take the time to seek the help you deserve.

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How Do You Know If Your Anxiety Is Bad?

Anxiety disorders have various symptoms, and the most common is excessive worrying which disrupts daily life. More signs may include restlessness, difficulty concentrating, tense muscles, trouble sleeping, fatigue, and agitation.

When Should I See A Doctor About My Anxiety And Stress?

You should consider visiting your doctor if your worrying and anxiety are interfering with your daily life, including school or work, social life, and possibly hour hygiene. If your anxiety, fear, and worry are too hard for you to control, you should see your doctor.

How Do You Know If Your Are Mentally Stressed?

Some signs you are mentally and emotionally stressed out include:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Overwhelmed, unfocused or unmotivated
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Anger, restlessness, Irritable
  • Constant worry
  • Memory problems
  • You make bad decisions

What Does Stress Feel Like?

When you are stressed, it’s possible to experience feelings such as anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, and sadness. Many times these feelings feed on one another and produce physical symptoms which make you feel worse.

What Anxiety Does To Your Body?

Anxiety can do many things to our bodies, like trigger your fight-or-flight stress response. When this happens, chemicals and hormones like adrenaline enter your system and increase your heart and breathing rate, designed to help you respond to threats. Long-term stress and anxiety can be harmful to your physical health. Other anxiety symptoms may include headaches, insomnia, depression, muscle tension, and social isolation.


  1. I am 16 years old and I had anxiety for a long time from when I started school, from when I was 6 years old in kindergarten and I don’t know how to quit it. Sometimes I really want to give up but I can’t just because of my mom, I don’t want to leave her alone.

  2. Everything you explained really is how I feel. When you said the thing about people eating makes you annoyed really hit me in the heart cause all of the sudden I have a problem with people eating and I’m pretty sure it is out of control I have a weighted blanket and oils I’m trying to seek professional help because this anxiety is breaking me

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